Looking to buy property on Auckland? Auckland has a population of over 1.6 million, making up one third of New Zealand’s entire population of 5,000,000 as of March 2020. It is one of the few cities in the world to have harbours on two different bodies of water. The central, urban section covers a narrow cape between the Manukau Harbour on the Tasman Sea, and the Waitemata Harbour on the Pacific Ocean. Since 1883, Auckland has been the home of New Zealand’s largest University, The University of Auckland, along with many other institutes of learning.

Auckland Property - What You Need To Know

Auckland is ranked as the third best lifestyle city of the world by Mercer annual Worldwide Quality of Living Survey 2019. Escape to another world here, no matter what in the city you are, you are not far from amazing harbour including the Great Barrier Reef, see why it is called the ‘City of Sails’. Travel a short distance to the north, south or west and you’ll run into the beautiful lush native bush/forests.

How about wandering the base of a volcano on Rangitoto and explore the lava caves. More the water person, any of the many gorgeous beaches will accommodate you for swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving, or surfing. Pukekohe has motor racing and horse racing if that’s more your style. Auckland’s layout makes it easy experience one adventure after another, everyday there can be something new. A flair for fashion, a lover of the arts, Auckland is perfect for you, local theatres and music; unique cuisine for the food enthusiasts, something for everyone.

What more could you ask for, culture, adventure, food, art and don’t forget the relaxation all in one area; we can supply financing for property in Auckland, change your lifestyle and enjoy the wonders of Auckland.

Mary has also helped many Ex Pat New Zealanders returning to New Zealand after COVID 19 outbreak.

How Mary Can Help you Get a Mortgage in Auckland

Mary provides:

  • A high standard of reliable, professional and helpful personal service
  • Helpful guidance
  • Close attention to detail
  • Good communication – courteous, prompt responses
  • Easy to follow steps through the finance application process for potential buyers
  • Negotiation on your behalf with the bank to obtain the most favorable interest rate, sometimes a bank contribution towards legal fees and timely approvals of finance.
  • A team of recommended experts – Mary’s substantial knowledge, experience and contacts in related areas, e.g. solicitors, accountants, valuers, insurance brokers and foreign exchange dealers, helps to streamline the process of buying your dream property and investment.

Mary has many happy clients.

More About Mary

Mary O’Brien established New Zealand Mortgage Solutions in Australia in 2006. Her initial aim was to assist New Zealanders and immigrants to bring their deposit and stamp duty/set-up costs into Australia to purchase their Australian house. Since then she has helped numerous Australian and international residents to invest in New Zealand by obtaining finance for them from a selection of 21 New Zealand banks financial institutions. Her clients have ranged from first home buyers, ex-pat Kiwis purchasing in NZ, first investment property buyers and people planning their long term New Zealand retirement location, to those diversifying their investment portfolio, lifestyle purchasers and commercial property investors, as well as those refinancing existing New Zealand mortgages for a better rate, bank or home improvements to their NZ properties.

Mary is New Zealand-born and was a Finance Specialist in Auckland with her own New Zealand company, Professional Investments Limited. This was formed in 1999, four years before she moved to Sydney, Australia. She continues to work with her New Zealand, Australian and worldwide clients. Until recently Mary has had her own Australian finance broking company Downunder Mortgages Pty Ltd and Southern Cross Professional Investments Pty Ltd and was originally accredited with 35 Australian lenders from 2003 to 2022, but now she only concentrates on New Zealand finance.

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