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We are mortgage brokers who specialise in providing New Zealand and Australian finance.

We are accredited with 20 New Zealand banks/lenders and accredited with over 35 Australian lenders. This gives us and you an advantage.
Mary O’Brien’s career in finance spans more 21 years with successful businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Mary is accredited with 35 Australian banks/lending institutions for Australian properties and 20 New Zealand banks/lending institutions for New Zealand properties.

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For 23 Years We Have Been Helping New Zealanders, Australians and Other Nationalities Find the Right Loan from the Largest Panel of New Zealand’s Leading Banks and Lenders

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COVID 19 Assistance Thank You From Gill from UK assisting them with their Queenstown mortgage to revert to “Interest Only COIVID repayments” for 6 months cause of no tourists or occupancy. A lovely surprise to receive these beautiful flowers
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We have compiled a handy checklist of you so you can begin to understand the process involved in getting a New Zealand mortgage.

We the recommend you read the section about NZ home loans and then take a look at our case studies to get an idea of the wide range of people we have helped.

New Zealand Mortgage Can Help You:

  • Before you go to New Zealand.
  • During the procedures when you visit New Zealand.
  • Obtaining valuation from Registered Valuers in New Zealand to enable unconditional approval.
  • Ensure solicitor, bank, valuer and New Zealand Mortgages Solutions all help clients towards settlement.
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Media Releases by Mary O'Brien of New Zealand Mortgage Solutions

“Putting Down Roots” Australia New Zealand Magazine UK July 2018
Mary O’Brien writeup for people permanently moving to NZ re purchasing their “dream property” and obaining a mortgage
“A New Life In Auckland” also “Where to Live” Australia New Zealand Magazine UK December 2017
Mary O’Brien not only writes about the qualities of Auckland but also “Where to LIve” outlining CBD, North Shore, East, West and South areas of Auckand with house values, schools and health
“Move to Auckland” by Mary O’Brien Australia New Zealand Magazine UK September 2017
Mary O’Brien writes about the change to move from overseas to Auckland with great information on high quality Education, Great Job Opportunities, Property Information and Great Relaxed Outdoor Lifestyle Auckland offers
Bang for buck: Australians looking overseas for affordable housing
Australian Financial Review 7-8 January 2017 - Mary O’Brien’s clients Chris and Jamie who reside and rent in Coogee Sydney constructed a 4 bedroom Queenstown ski chalet with beautiful snowcapped mountain views behind and lake views from the front for only NZ$1.3 Million. Where would you get anything like this in Australia for that price - read the very interesting writeup interviewing Chris and Jamie plus a small writeup on Mary O’Brien New Zealand Mortgage Solutions.

New Zealand Winter

NZ Winter means beautiful picturesque snow in the skifields (Queenstown being one of the best skifields in the world), "evergreen" New Zealand with the clean sheep, farmland, forests, warm thermal pools in Rotorua and picturesque residential landscape colour.

NEW ZEALAND IS A GREAT COUNTRY RIGHT NOW - RANKED IN MARCH 2022 10TH HAPPIEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD BY UNITED NATIONS. We are back to Normal Life Again, i.e. unlimited numbers at sports, entertainment and public gatherings. Our border is open again to the world. New Zealand is great for lifestyle, jobs, education and property.

FINANCIAL NEWS - Since the beginning of 2022 the house price "correction" market reflects lower prices in many areas. Reasons are higher interest rates which will continue, Reserve Bank restrictions for investors borrowing maximum 60% (not new homes), a changed law (Credit Contracts and Consumer Act) restricting and creating more strictness on lending assessment for everyone, first home buyers Government lowering the borrowing over 80% finance from 10% to 5% of all residential bank/lender lending. Also the phasing out of interest deductibility on rental income for any investment purchased from 27 March 21 and if purchased before 27 March 2021 interest phased out over 4 years reducing by 25% per year from October 2021 so gone by 2025 (See Accountant newsletter/IRD attachments below,) Also Brightline Tax timeline increased from 5 to 10 years (except new builds), shortage constructIon materials with huge delays and price increases. All of these as of June 2022 reflects on low demand purchasing properties and more strictness applying for loans. It now has reverted to a Buyer's bargaining market. Another huge reason Inflation is 6.9% March quarter which is the biggest movement since 1999 (23 years) Unemployment is record low 3.2% - positive note (strong labour market).

PROPERTY MARKET - As at 1 June 2022 Core Logic Statistics for New Zealand average median house decreased by 0.9% in the past 3 months but increased in the past 12 months by 15.3% to $1,027,12. In the past 12 months Auckland Region increased 14.3% to $1,425,594, Tauranga increased 21.7% to $1,178,517, Wellington Region increased 11.1% to $1,242,386, Nelson increased 13.9% to $864,400, Christchurch increased 24.5% to $763,168, Queenstown Lakes District increased 26% to $1,694.211, Dunedin increased 7% to $691.567, Invercargill increased 11.2% to $475,101. The quarterly fall of 0.9% is the biggest drop over a 3 month period since the end of 2010 when the market was recovering from the GFC. See attached Core Logic House Price Indes report on website.

FIRST HOME BUYERS - Contact Mary to inquire on using some of your deposit from your Kiwisaver Superannuation. Refer to Housing New Zealand website to see if you quality There are purchase price and personal income limits.


NONRESIDENTS PURCHASING PROPERTY IN NZ - There is a ban of nonresidents purchasing "existing residential properties" - with the exception of New Zealand, Australian and Singaporean citizens). Nonresidents purchasing new properties are acceptable.

RENTAL AND VALUES: When you look at such a diversified value in New Zealand and look at rental return on the Government website (outlined on this website "Useful Links"), you will see the capital growth and rental returns that suit you pertaining to the New Zealand location you wish to purchase.

REMEMBER THERE IS NO STAMP DUTY AND NO LAND TAX in New Zealand. You normally require your deposit for the property plus approximately NZ$1,500 legals to NZ solicitor to acquire a New Zealand property.

Refer to my "CASE STUDIES"on my website with great client comments and stories from residents residing in New Zealand. Also many Australian and Ex Pat Kiwis residing in Australia investing or moving to New Zealand.

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