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SUMMER IN NEW ZEALAND MEANS SUN,HOLIDAYS, SWIMMING AT THE BEACHES OR PICTURESQUE LAKES, BUSHWALKING (NO SNAKES OR DEADLY SPIDERS), BBQs at the beach or at your house and generally a very relaxing time for everyone. It also means daylight saving with nice long, warm, days. It also reflects on the housing/finance market with many settlements at Christmas and new properties on the market late January. Great time to start househunting after your holiday. With interest rates at a record "low" and a "buyer's market," now is a good time to obtain a mortgage preapproval (valid 3 months) then seriously look at properties in New Zealand. Contact Mary before househunting to know where you stand!!!

SO MUCH IN NEW ZEALAND HAS OCCURRED IN 2019. First Fixed Interest Rates hit "rock bottom" record at 3.39% for the first time. First Home Buyers as a large percentage of home purchases on outskirts of cities. Investors recently purchasing again although bank LVR is 70%. 2019 has also been an extremely sad year for New Zealand firstly with the Christchurch mosque attack in March and White Island volcano exploding in December with a number of people who died and seriously injured. These sad instances showed how amazing New Zealanders "pulled together" and helped so much.

UNEMPLOYMENT RATE for Q3 September 2019 was 4.2%

PROPERTY MARKET - As at November 2019 New Zealand average median house increased in the past 12 months 2.8% to $697,204, Auckland Region decreased -1.2% to $1,038,477, Tauranga increased 6.5% to $760,560, Wellington Region increased 7.3% to $735,507, Nelson increased 6.7% to $637,766, Christchurch increased 1.7% to $504,952, Queenstown Lakes District increased 2.9% to $1,207,868, Dunedin increased a huge 17.1% to $505,461, Invercargill increased 19.3% $337,284. House prices are broadly flat and quiet in Auckland. Dunedin and Invercargill stand out as consistently strong performers, Reasons for future build up in 2020 would be ease of banks' mortgage serviceability tests, favourable mortgage rates and low unemployment.

FIRST HOME BUYERS - access to your deposit from your Kiwisaver Superannuation. Refer to Housing New Zealand website to see if you quality There are Regional/Location purchase price and personal income limits. Up to 90% finance (conditions apply)


NONRESIDENTS PURCHASING PROPERTY IN NZ - There is a ban of nonresidents purchasing "existing residential properties" - with the exception of New Zealand, Australian and Singaporean citizens. Nonresidents purchasing new properties are acceptable.

RENTAL AND VALUES: When you look at such a diversified value in New Zealand and look at rental return on the Government website (outlined on this website "Useful Links"), you will see the capital growth and/or rental returns that suit you pertaining to the New Zealand location you wish to purchase.

Remember there is NO STAMP DUTY and NO LAND TAX in New Zealand. You normally require your deposit for the property plus approximately NZ$1,500 legals to NZ solicitor to acquire a New Zealand property if you have a NZ or Australian passport/citizenship.

Refer to my "CASE STUDIES" on this website of many Australian residents, Ex Pat Kiwis living in Australia and overseas people investing or moving to NZ. There are many happy clients. Contact Mary from New Zealand Mortgage Solutions Pty Ltd for a preapproval from a choice of leading New Zealand banks/lenders.

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